General information

Garden curbs are plastic products which are extremely light and easy to install. Their individual elements can be moved from place to place many times, according to the current needs of the user. They are ideal for newly created gardens. They also work well as partial edgings of developed spaces.

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our garden curbs are made of polypropylene (plastic), therefore they are characterised by:

  • high resistance to atmospheric conditions and mechanical damage

  • optimal rigidity

  • resilience

  • high strength

Plastic curbs are used at:

  • setting out flower beds
  • setting out paths
  • dividing gardens into zones
  • setting out lawn edges
  • arranging flower beds in the garden and greenhouse tunnels

Product specification

type height width number per meter
lawn 12,5 cm 11 cm 9 pcs
flower-bed 18,5 cm 11 cm 9 pcs