Garden curbs

About the product

Garden curbs offered by our company are made of plastic, which is characterized by a high resistance to atmospheric conditions and mechanical damages.

Plastic curbs are extremely light and easy to install. Their individual elements can be carried from one place to another many times, as needed by the user. They are a perfect solution both for newly constructed gardens and also as partial edges of the developed spaces.

Polypropylene shows properties, thanks to which they perfectly fulfill they role:
  • elasticity
  • adequate rigidity
  • high resistance

Their unique form allows them to be combined into very complex patterns, so they are used for:
  • demarcating flowerbeds
  • demarcating paths
  • demarcating complex edges of lawns
  • dividing the garden into zones
  • laying flowerbeds in a garden and greenhouse tunnels

Example colors
type height width number per 1 linear meter
lawn 125 mm 111 mm 9 pieces
flowerbed 185 mm 111 mm 9 pieces