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Rodło has been operating in the plastics industry since 1965. We are a manufacturer of plastic products made of high quality plastics by injection molding …

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The organisation of the interior of the warehouse, which stores large amounts of items, is the first step towards maintaining order and security. Properly selected storage racks, as well as workshop containers adapted to the products allow for economical use of space. They also facilitate the systematisation and segregation of wares. The material which works best in such places is the right plastic. Plastic boxes are lightweight, durable, easy to move, and resistant to moisture and chemicals. They also do not burden shelves or racks, which allows you to store more goods on them. Plastic containers are colourful, so you can distinguish specific product groups or create specialised sections.

Our assortment includes not only workshop boxes in many sizes and colours, but also useful accessories. With their help it is possible to stack boxes, fill them to the brim, or hang on the walls.

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