General information

Car wheel chocks are made of extremely durable materials – polypropylene and polyamide.
The base has special retractable skewers, which improve the stability and safety of the vehicle parked on a steep hill, as well as raised on the jack.

Thanks to the unique design, the chocks are resistant to all weather conditions, protect the vehicle regardless of the condition of the surface (snow, moisture, icing).

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Prevent a vehiclefrom uncontrolled rolling off

When you leave your car parked on a large slope, you risk it's going to roll off. This is particularly dangerous during repairs, especially if the mechanic is under the chassis.

As a manufacturer of plastic products, we recommend car chocks for all drivers, as well as the necessary workshop equipment for every car mechanic or warehouseman collecting goods from a delivery vehicle.

Product specification

length width height
21 cm 10 cm 9 cm