General information

We specialise in the production of storage boxes made of polypropylene.

The advantage of our products is their adaptation to the economical use of warehousing and workshop spaces. Thanks to the right form, the storage boxes fit together perfectly. When stacked one on top of each other, they provide the opportunity to take advantage of numerous practical logistics solutions even in a small space. Thanks to their dimensions, they perfectly fit into storage racks. This makes it easier to keep order and does not take up much space in smaller rooms.

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When you care for the environmentyou gain double

We also offer plastic storage boxes made of recycled regranulates, at very attractive prices.

We get the perfect physical and chemical properties of our storage boxes, so they are resistant to:

  • bumps and scratches

  • acting of

  • deformation

  • temperature ranging from -10°C to +90°C

Plastic storage containers are used in:

  • stores and wholesalers
  • offices
  • warehouses and warehouse facilities
  • schools
  • workshops
  • households

Additionally our storage boxes are characterised by:

  • perfect fit to each other

  • strength and flexibility

  • optimal fit to the dimensions of storage racks

2nd grade (PP regranulates)

* Containers made of regranulates come in a variety of colours. The pictures show sample colours. Depending on the production batch, a given colour may come in different shades.

Product specification

Type length (A) width (B) height (C) load capacity quantity in collective packaging
0 15 cm 9 cm 7 cm 1 kg 45 pcs
1 20 cm 13,5 cm 10 cm 2 kg 36 pcs
2 30 cm 18 cm 15 cm 4 kg 20 pcs
3 40 cm 27 cm 20 cm 8 kg 9 pcs

Storage box type „4"

We also offer type "4" storage boxes in blue, made of high quality polypropylene, which guarantees resistance and durability.

The dimensions of the type "4" box: 60 cm x 36 cm x 20 cm

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