Boltless storage racks

Boltless racks are made of specially shaped galvanised steel sheet, while the shelves are made of chipboard. Thanks to the materials used and the appropriate construction, they are durable, stable, and well-protected against rust. Metal racks of this type withstand heavy loads, which is why they are perfect as workshop equipment, and are often used in spare-part and building-material warehouses.

Boltless racks are characterised by simple assembly without bolts. Their installation does not require experience or the use of specialised tools. The crossbars have numerous holes. They enable the most optimal position of the shelves, on which the storage boxes will be fitted. In addition, thanks to the appropriate holes, it is possible to bolt the racks to the wall and connect several together to create a series system.

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Bolted storage racks

Bolted metal racks are made of sheet steel, powder painted. Their installation does not require experience or the use of complicated tools. Numerous holes in the angles allow you to mount the shelves according to your preferences and needs. In turn, the holes on the back wall of the shelves allow you to bolt them to the wall. Metal racks of this type can also be combined into longer rows. Thanks to this, they fill the space thoroughly, and the whole structure is more stable and secure.

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Plastic storage racks

Plastic racks are made of polypropylene and PVC – very durable plastics. Their unique advantage is the low weight, thanks to which they can be freely moved even by one person.

Plastic racks are particularly recommended for use in wet rooms and outdoors. They work great wherever metal shelves will be exposed to moisture, mould, or corrosion. The material, from which this product is manufactured, allows it to be used in all weather conditions for many years. In addition, thanks to the use of plastics for production, you can easily remove any dirt using only a damp cloth.

The offered plastic racks were equipped with a profiled recess for small objects and special holes for screwdrivers and wrenches.

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Functional, aesthetic and lightplastic racks are used among others in:

  • stores and wholesalers
  • building depots
  • warehouses
  • production halls
  • workshops
  • garages, basements, and pantries