Rotary shelves

About the product

The rotary shelves we offer create a set of 5 or 6 containers, suspended on the common axis.

The set of rotary containers is made of polypropylene, thanks to which such a functional rotary shelf has the perfect physical and chemical properties.

The set can be mounted on the wall using nail expansion anchors.

The rotary shelves we offer are used for storing a great number of small elements in a very small space.

Our rotary shelves are durable and resistant to:
  • impacts and scratches
  • chemical agents
  • deformations
  • temperature
    ranging from -10℃ do +90℃

Rotary shelves are used in:
  • shops
  • warehouses
  • wholesale units
  • workshops
  • households

Available colors
length width height height of the whole set
217 mm 90 mm 48 mm 355 mm