About the product

Thick-wall plastic buckets with a capacity of 5 and 14 liters are made of perfect-quality plastic, characterized by high durability and resistance to mechanical damages and harmful external factors.


All models are equipped with an ergonomic handle facilitating transfer and transport.

We offer 3 types of buckets, also including ones for pouring liquids and transferring bulk materials with a practical “pour spout”.

Buckets are used:
  • in production plants
  • in workshops
  • in households
  • in agricultural holdings
  • during all cleaning activities
  • during repair and construction works

Exmple colors
bucket type height base diameter
5 liters without pour spout 220 mm 155 mm
5 liters with pour spout 210 mm 155 mm
14 liters with pour spout 275 mm 230 mm